Dentist Payment Plans

A range of payment plans are available for our patients at Keys Dental.
That's treatment now & payment later.

Spread out the cost of your treatment

The Easy and Affordable Way

Dental payment plans work exactly like other Buy Now, Pay Later services which you may have already utilised for purchases outside of dental!

Offering our patients the option to pay for their treatment with their choice of buy now, pay later (BNPL) payment plan, are just another way that we are helping your dental costs become more manageable.

Our payment plans can be used to pay for any treatment over $100. To access our payment plans you can apply online through a computer or via the app. Sign up depends on the service provider you use, but should not take much longer than 5 minutes! 

Our friendly team know all the ins and outs and are here to help you with any questions you may have. 

Treatment now, payment later

Buy now, pay later payment plans not an option for you?

Not a problem! For those patients looking to pay as they go with no contracts, we also offer a ‘lay-by’ service.

Once you have come in for your initial exam, your dentist will produce your treatment plan.  You can then pre-pay for any non-urgent treatment by crediting your account with us until your treatment date!