Get the treatment you need now and pay for it later in interest-free fortnightly instalments.

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A completely interest-free dental payment plan!

Paying for your treatment at Keys Dental has never been more affordable with Humm.

You can get your treatment now and pay for it later with Humm, a completely interest free dental payment plan!

Available to use on any treatments over $100 and up to $30,000. Looking at veneers? Teeth whitening? Thanks to Humm, they don’t have to wait!

Crunching the numbers...

Let’s say you’re planning on getting a teeth whitening treatment at Keys Dental and you’d like to pay $800 of the total treatment price using Humm…

  • To pay it off in less than 2.5 months, you’d need to make payments of of $80 per week.


  • Use the full 5 month interest free period to your advantage and take a bit longer, you can make payments from as low as $40 per week.


If you still have questions about Humm, we have the answers!

Am I eligible to apply for Humm?Icons/Icon_ArrowDown_48x48_Grey

To have an account with Humm, all you need is:

  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Be an Australian citizen or permanent resident.
  • Have a valid debit card in your own name.
  • Have never declared bankruptcy or insolvency.
Is there a way to calculate what my repayments on my dental treatment will be?Icons/Icon_ArrowDown_48x48_Grey

Yes there is! All you have to do is:

  • Book your appointment with one of our friendly dentists. Together you will come up with a treatment plan that works for you. They will also be able to let you know the indicative price of your required treatment.
  • Following this, you can use Humm’s repayment calculator at the bottom of this page.
How do I pay for my dental treatment with Humm?Icons/Icon_ArrowDown_48x48_Grey

It’s simple!

  • All you have to do is download the Humm app and sign up prior to your appointment.
  • Let our friendly reception staff know that you will be paying with Humm.
  • Tapp //CARD in the app to create a barcode and use this at to complete your purchase, we will either scan it or key in the code manually.
What are the different Humm accounts available to pay for my dental treatment?Icons/Icon_ArrowDown_48x48_Grey

Little things – for purchases <$2K

  • Pay 5 X Fortnightly or 10 X Fortnightly
  • $0 monthly account fee if paying in 5 instalments, or $8 if paying in 10.
  • No establishment fee.
  • No repeat purchase fee.
  • $6 late payment fee.

Big things – for purchases <$30K

  • Pay within 6 – 60 months
  • $8 Monthly account fee
  • $35 – $90 Establishment fee
  • $22 Repeat purchase fee
  • $6 late payment fee
Do I need a deposit when paying through Humm?Icons/Icon_ArrowDown_48x48_Grey

The deposit will be determined by Keys Dental during your appointment.

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