Preventive dental care that protects your smile is always better than remedial dental treatments.

It’s a fact of life and a fairly straightforward choice: you can either actively look after your teeth, which includes regular dental examinations, or you will (in all likelihood) pay the price later. At Keys Dental, we’re here if you need us in an emergency, but we’d much prefer to help you keep your teeth and smile healthy with preventive dental care and teeth examinations.

The benefits of regular dental examinations are clear

Your dentist and dental hygienist can help you look after your teeth and identify potential issues before they become painful problems, even before you’re experiencing any symptoms. So, if you haven’t been to see your dentist for 12 months or more, here’s what we suggest:

  • Book what we call a ‘thorough examination’ and a hygiene appointment (scale and clean).
  • After your thorough examination and hygiene, book a periodic examination and hygiene for six months’ time – what we call an ‘advanced hygiene’.
  • And repeat.


What exactly is a thorough examination?

A thorough dental examination includes an extensive evaluation of your teeth. We record a raft of extra oral, intra oral, soft and hard tissue information, and take digital radiographs (x-rays) – sometimes an OPG (a kind of panoramic x-ray) may be required.

Generally, a thorough examination can take up to 60 minutes.


What is a periodic examination?

A periodic dental examination is recommended every six months, and begins with a hygiene (scale and clean). Then, your dentist will perform a 10 to 20-minute examination of your teeth, and may suggest taking digital radiographs (x-rays).


What is a limited examination?

A limited examination is essentially an emergency examination. If you’re in discomfort or pain and need an emergency dentist, our practice offers emergency dental care, even if you’re not one of our patients.

We will identify the issue and relieve the pain or discomfort, which may involve taking digital radiographs (x-rays).


With regular periodic dental examinations and hygiene appointments, you should be able to avoid a limited or emergency examination – all you have to do is book an appointment and we’ll take care of your smile.