Patients from across Perth’s northern suburbs come to us for wisdom teeth extraction and emergency wisdom teeth removal procedures. Find out why.  

The removal or extraction of wisdom teeth is often a subject that evokes grimaces, but the truth is, most people have wisdom teeth and don’t encounter any problems. And crucially, even if you are unlucky enough to have issues, the removal or extraction of wisdom teeth is a common procedure.

At Keys Dental, our experienced team performs wisdom teeth extractions – including emergency wisdom teeth removal procedures – regularly for patients who come to our practice from throughout Perth’s northern corridor.



What exactly are wisdom teeth?

Most people have four wisdom teeth (known as the ‘third molars’), but some don’t have any at all. The teeth generally emerge in the teenage years or early twenties, although they can push through later in life, and they only generally cause problems due to overcrowding at the back of your jaw.


When is the removal of wisdom teeth required?

We’ve performed countless wisdom teeth extraction procedures for patients from across the broader Perth region, and in our experience removal or extraction is usually only required when:

  • there isn’t enough space for the wisdom teeth to push through
  • orthodontic work is required – they may be removed to prevent overcrowding
  • the wisdom teeth are causing pain and infection, and recurrence is likely
  • the wisdom teeth are likely to cause future problems – it’s far easier to remove wisdom teeth earlier in life, as the bone surrounding the teeth is softer.


What problems do wisdom teeth cause?

  • Infections. An infection can occur when impacted wisdom teeth push through the gum, leading to pain, swelling and jaw stiffness. Swallowing may be painful and the infection may also cause bad breath and an unpleasant taste in the mouth.
  • Crowding. In this situation, without removal, wisdom teeth may push nearby teeth out of position.
  • Pain. Pressure from emerging wisdom teeth can cause pain in neighbouring teeth. Sometimes, it’s an infection – caused by an impacted wisdom tooth – that causes the pain.
  • Cysts. In some situations, unless an extraction is performed, a sac of fluid or a cyst can form around wisdom teeth, which can destroy bone and damage other teeth and gums.
  • Ulcers. If an upper wisdom tooth pushes sideways out of the gum, it may cause an ulcer where it rubs against the inside of the cheek.
  • Food impaction. Food can become trapped between wisdom teeth and the teeth next to them, which can cause cavities.
  • Resorption cavity. Sometimes, an impacted wisdom tooth can push against the tooth next to it, causing a resorption cavity, which often leads to serious damage in both teeth. They become infected or abscessed and removal of both teeth is required.


Can we handle all wisdom teeth extraction procedures?

While the removal or extraction of wisdom teeth can be complex, our experienced team has the expertise to handle a majority of procedures – even emergency wisdom teeth removal – right here at our practice in Perth’s northern suburbs.

In the event that the removal is particularly complex, your dentist may refer you to an oral or maxillofacial surgeon, but rest assured we’ll discuss the best plan of action with you.


Concerned about your wisdom teeth?

Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Simply book a consultation and we’ll take it from there.