Teeth Whitening

Get ready to light the room up with a gleaming smile!

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Our Procedure

At Keys Dental, we follow a seven step programme for Zoom teeth whitening.

Step One
In your first consultation we will want to understand the current state of your oral hygiene to determine if Zoom is right for you.

Step Two
We perform our regular oral hygiene cleaning.

Step Three
We prep the area covering your lips and gums, so that only your teeth are exposed.

Step Four
We apply our special Zoom whitening gel to your teeth for 15 minutes. This is done under our Zoom light at the same time.

Step Five
Relax, maybe watch some Netflix as Zoom works its magic on your teeth.

Step Six
We repeat steps four and five, 3 to 4 times, with a total treatment time of 2 hours.

Step Seven
Smile and enjoy your new pearly whites! At the end of your treatment we apply a sensitivity paste to help your teeth adjust to the changes as comfortably as possible. We’ll also issue you with a Zoom care pack, including whitening tray’s and Zoom whitening gel for at home top-ups. The entire Zoom process is quick and easy.

Time of service

It takes years to stain your teeth, but just two hours for us to make them shine again.

Most teeth whitening appointments take around two hours. If needed, we will do a hygiene clean at the same time.

We will also take an impression of your teeth so we can make your take home top up kit with 4 sessions of application for at home Zoom whitening.

Zooming FAQ’s

How does Zoom compare to other treatments?Icons/Icon_ArrowDown_48x48_Grey

It’s not called Zoom for nothing! Zoom is quick and comfortable with immediate results that target the deeper stains on your teeth. You come in and Zoom! you leave with a winning smile.

Other methods like home trays, whitening strips, or whitening toothpaste can take a lot longer, sometimes you will be waiting an entire month before you notice any difference, and often, with inconsistent results that only target superficial stains.

What are the benefits of teeth whitening? Icons/Icon_ArrowDown_48x48_Grey

Everyday habits contribute to the darkening and staining of our teeth. Who doesn’t love to kick the day off with a coffee, or finish it off with a smooth glass of red wine?

Drinking soda and smoking will also stain your teeth.

So really, just about anyone can benefit from teeth whitening.

How do I know if Zoom is right for me? Icons/Icon_ArrowDown_48x48_Grey

There are times when Zoom just isn’t a suitable solution. If you’ve had crowns or veneers, these teeth will not respond to the whitening treatment. So it is important to first have your dentist perform the necessary examination to determine how dark your stains are, and to see if Zoom is going to fix it.

How much does teeth whitening cost? Icons/Icon_ArrowDown_48x48_Grey

Your Zoom whitening treatment is usually $595. We do offer Zoom specials throughout the year which brings the cost down to $495. So keep a look or ask us to remind you when the specials become available!

Is teeth whitening safe?Icons/Icon_ArrowDown_48x48_Grey

We wouldn’t do it if it wasn’t! We use clinically proven systems that have been thoroughly tested. Whitening systems that use carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide, like our Zoom treatment does, is perfectly safe for teeth and gums when applied under the supervision of a trained and accredited dental professional. So you’re in good hands!

Are there any side effects with bleaching my teeth?Icons/Icon_ArrowDown_48x48_Grey

In some cases, people do experience temporary tooth and gum sensitivity to cold temperatures. But this never lasts longer than 3 days. Zoom whitening formulas contain desensitising agents which minimise any discomfort most of the time.

We also apply an additional desensitising agent after your treatment.

How long will my teeth stay white for?Icons/Icon_ArrowDown_48x48_Grey

Our Zoom whitening removes stains and discolouration from your teeth and leaves them up to 8 shades whiter in just a single treatment session. But it’s only natural that you will return to your normal life doing the things you enjoy doing. Like your morning tea or coffee. Natural ageing will also take its tole, so your teeth may become discoloured again.

Depending on your lifestyle, these variables mean that in time, it’s normal for discoloration to reoccure. Of course it is normal for you to want to keep your teeth as white as possible for as long as possible. So we do give you a free take home whitening tube after your Zoom in-chair whitening session. And provided you maintain your regular hygiene therapy, we’ll continue to give you a whitening tube every six months.