Stop feeling embarrassed by your teeth and start smiling with confidence. 

If you have an uneven smile or discoloured teeth, veneers may be the answer. They’re often the ideal solution for chipped, gapped, misaligned or discoloured teeth – or just teeth that are small or irregular. And the best bit is, it’s a straightforward process with our experienced cosmetic dentists.


What exactly is a veneer and how are they fitted?

Veneers are thin shells that are precisely crafted to bond to, and cover, the front of a tooth. Each veneer is also carefully matched to the colour of your teeth.

It usually takes two or three appointments (one to two hours each) to prepare and fit a veneer to a tooth or veneers to a number of teeth. This involves removing a thin layer of enamel from the tooth, which may require a local anaesthetic, after which an impression of the tooth is taken and sent to a dental technician.

The technician crafts a veneer to fit the prepared tooth, which is then bonded onto your tooth by your dentist, then trimmed and polished.


Will the veneer be the right colour?

The colour and fit of each veneer are carefully checked by our dentists before it is light-beam bonded into place – a treatment that also cleans the veneer.

The colour of your veneer can’t be changed once it is bonded in place, but rest assured, the colour can be subtly altered by our experienced dentists using different shades of bonding agent.


What’s the difference between a veneer and a crown?

Veneers are used when the underlying tooth is basically in a strong and healthy condition, whereas a crown, while still a cosmetic treatment, effectively replaces the crown – or top – of a broken or weakened tooth. Read more about crowns.


The idea of getting veneers can seem a little overwhelming, but it’s a tried and tested cosmetic treatment that provides a lifetime of peace of mind and confident smiles, so find out if veneers are right for you. Book an appointment on (08) 9407 7088.